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The Microdosing Kit

Everything you need to make your own dose, minus the good stuff. 



"My Perfect Vitamins"


I needed a way to easily take less of my daily vitamins. The kit makes it so easy to create my own perfect dose after experimenting. I always know how much I’m taking and I can make as many as I want. 

Melody T. - Los Angeles, CA

"All You'll Need​"

If you want to get started, the kit will have everything you need. The grinder is perfect for the powder consistency and the filling tool will make 24 capsules which lasts me 2 months.  Just follow the video and it's very easy. The only thing you’ll need more of is the empty capsules. 

Dustin J. - Denver, CO

"Effective and Easy!"

I was intimidated by the process of making my own microdoses. The kit made it super easy to get started and came with everything I needed to make my own supplements. 

Max S. - Santa Cruz, CA

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