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How To Make Herbal Supplement (Microdosing) Capsules: Your DIY Handbook

The Perks of Home-Made Capsules:

Ever thought about creating your own vitamins and supplement capsules at home? It's not just about the savings but the assurance of ingesting pure, organic supplements that you prepared. Say goodbye to unwanted fillers and hello to a custom blend that complements your microdosing journey.

Here's What You'll Need:

Herbal Powders: Decide on the supplement powder you plan to fill your capsules with. If the herb or plant is not yet in powder form, you'll also need a high-speed blade grinder. Note that burr grinders will not create a fine enough powder for your microdose capsules.

Capsules: We always suggest going with non-GMO, plant-derived vegan capsules. Many supplement manufacturers use standard gelatin capsules, so make sure to find the right capsules for your microdosing journey.

TMK Capsule Filler: A capsule filler isn't necessary to make your microdoses, but it's absolutely recommended if you plan to make them often or plan to take them daily.

Scale: If you plan to make microdoses with any accuracy, you'll need a digital scale that measures to at least 0.01 grams.

Storage Jar: A place to keep your freshly made capsules.

Let's Create Some Capsules: (Tutorial Video)

  1. Supplement Powder: If your supplements are already in powdered form, skip to #2. For those using the electronic grinder, make sure it's clean from anything its previously been used for. Fill your grinder with your dried supplements and begin grinding. This typically can take 10-20 seconds. You want the powder to be as fine as possible for your capsules. Once you stop the grinder, let it sit for another 10-15 seconds to allow the dust to settle inside the grinder. Opening it immediately after use can send the powder into the air, and it's never great to breathe in.

  2. Calculating Your Capsule Weight: If you're using the capsule filler, which we'd recommend, you'll likely be making 24 microdose capsules. To figure out how much total powder you'll need, multiply 24 by the ideal capsule weight. For example, if you'd like each microdose to contain 0.2g, then you'll need 4.8g (24 capsules x 0.2g) = 4.8g.

  3. Weight Out Your Total Powder: Using the scale, place a small plastic cup or some lightweight container on the scale and hit the TARE button to zero out the scale. The screen should display 0.00g. Carefully fill the cup with your total weight. Using our example above, you're looking for 4.8g-5g.

  4. Machine Setup: Set up the capsule machine on a flat surface. Sometimes supplement powder can spill during the process, so feel free to use a placemat or flat dish that is easy to clean.

  5. Capsule Readiness: If your capsules came connected, pull the two ends apart, separating them. The long ends will go into the capsule machine's base. The short end will fit into the capsule machine top. After all the holes in the capsule filling machine are filled, slide your finger across both machine halves to make sure that the capsule ends are flat against the machine.

  6. Add Your Powder: Take the powder you weighed in step #3 and slowly pour the powder over the capsule machine with the long capsule ends. Don't pour the whole thing just yet. After adding 1/3 or 1/2 of the powder, take the white spreader card included in your kit to spread the powder evenly across the open capsules.

  7. Condense The Powder: The tamper tool included should then be used to press down the powder within the capsules. This will create more room to add the rest of your powder. Continue filling the capsules until the powder you weighed out is filled across all capsules.

  8. Capsule Connect: Take the top half of the capsule machine with the small capsule end and connect it to the bottom half. Firmly press down on the center and sides of the top to connect the capsules. Give it a few presses to make sure they all connect. Lift the top, and your microdose capsules are all filled!

  9. Clear The Capsules: On the back of the top half is a spring to push the capsules out of the top. Push the spring gently and evenly across the full top to release the capsules.

  10. Reweigh: To make sure each capsule contains the exact weight, grab your scale and place one empty capsule with both ends on the scale. Hit the TARE button to zero it again (0.00g). Remove the empty capsule and add your filled capsule to the scale. If the scale measures the correct weight, put it to the side. If you need to add/remove powder from the capsule to correct the weight, gently pull the two ends apart and either empty the powder out of it or add a small amount of powder to the capsule and reweigh it. Make sure to check the weight of each capsule so you can be sure they were filled correctly.

  11. Storage: Store your capsules in a safe, concealed space aware from children and pets. Ensure that your jar or container is labeled to avoid the chance of allergic reactions.

What Can I Put In My Capsules?

The benefit of making microdoses at home is that you can make capsules of whatever you'd like. Our kits are often used for Ashwagandha, Kratom, Cayenne, Spirulina, Beet Root Powder, and Moringa powder, among many other supplements.

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