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  • How Do I Use The Kit?
    The preparation of your vitamins is simple with the right materials. Our Microdosing Kit will provide all necessary materials to help anyone start making their doses at home. Materials Not Included: Capsule ingredients *Our kits do not contain any psychedelic supplies/organic materials whatsoever and are not intended to be used with such. Any request or question containing this information will be blocked and ignored. Step 1 (Dose Calculation): Determine how many capsules you intend to make. Once you know how many capsules you'd like to make, you must determine your preferred dose per capsule. If you intend on taking .1 gram (100mg) per capsule, then multiply .1 (gram) x 11 (pills) to get your total dried quantity (1.1 grams). Step 2 (Making Vitamin Powder): Add your total dried plant weight (1.1 grams) to the coffee grinder and grind the material until its a fine powder. Your ideal powder consistency should be achieved after 15-20 seconds of continuous grinding, depending on your grinder. The finer the powder, the easier it will be to make each capsule the correct weight. Step 3 (Capsule Filling & Scale Use): After you have a powder, you can manually fill the capsules to the desired weight, then test the weight of each capsule during the process, or you can use a capsule filling tool to speed up the process and make larger quantities. It is essential to follow the instructions with your scale to ensure capsules are filled to the correct weight. Ensure that you test the weight of each capsule after taring the scale. Capsules over or under your preferred dose should be opened and adjusted, then reweighed. For consistent results, each capsule should contain the same amount. Step 4 (Storage): Once the capsules are filled, and both ends are secured together, store them in a dry place. If capsules are exposed to moisture, they will begin to degrade as they do in the body and release their contents. For best results, keep them away from moisture at room temperature. The life expectancy for your doses may vary. We encourage the use of fresh organic natural materials.
  • Do You Have A Tutorial On How To Use Your Kit Or Capsule Filler?
    We sure do. Check out the YouTube video we made. We made this video a little while ago so you will see the grinder we offer is different than what is referenced in the video. Our new grinder is incredibly easy to operate, but if you have questions let us know! If you hate following videos (we recommend the video), we also created a tutorial blog post (images coming soon!)
  • What Size Capsule Do I Use?
    The two sizes we offer on our shop are size 0 and 00. Size 0 capsules are smaller and are usually a good fit for 0.15-.25g vitamins. Size 00 capsules are larger and are a good fit for 0.2-0.4g vitamins. The amount each capsule will hold primarily depends on how fine of a material is used to fill them. The finer the powder, the more a capsule will hold. If you have further questions, send us an email!
  • What Can I Put In My Vitamins?
    Virtually anything edible. Traditionally, gourmet mushrooms such as reishi, lion's mane, chaga, hen-of-the-wood, turkey tail, cordyceps, even shiitake. Most of our customers make their own vitamins and supplements at home. We even had one customer use our capsule filler to make medicine capsules for her cat.
  • All Things Shipping
    How soon will my order arrive? We have an odd but personal goal. We want your order shipped and received by you faster than Amazon... While we haven’t yet mastered same-day arrivals, almost all orders are shipped within 24 hours via USPS. Ground Shipping orders typically arrive to our customers in 3-5 business days Priority Shipping orders typically arrive in 2-3 days If that's not fast enough, let us know and we'll find a faster shipping option for rush orders. What type of packaging do you use? All orders are shipped in brown recycled padded mailers or all white/brown shipping boxes. There are no logos or company names on any of the packaging so the contents of your order remain private. The return address on our shipping labels read “TMK” International Shipping? Unfortunately, we are only shipping orders within the United States at this time. If you’re located in another country and would like to purchase our products, drop us an email so we know where to expand first! One reason is that our electronic grinders are 200W made for American outlets. Users will need an outlet adapter to use our grinders. Shipping Discounts? Any discount codes used on shipping will default to USPS Priority Mail for kits and USPS Ground for smaller goods.
  • Payments
    We accept all major credit cards through our site, plus Apple Pay. If you would like to make a purchase using a different payment method, please send us an email and we’ll try to accommodate the request. If you make a purchase using a credit card you will see as the vendor on your card statement.
  • Returns/Discounts
    We’ve been told we have fantastic customer service. While we try to avoid returns since they’re such a waste of resources, we understand issues come up. If you are unsatisfied or need help with an order, send us an email to and we’ll respond within 1 hour. Capsules that have been received by a customer cannot be returned just due to safety. It costs us a ton of money to send our orders out so any return shipping is paid by the customer and shipping costs are non-refundable.


Educated decisions are the best decisions. Read up on our tips before going further.
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